Activities are centered around large capital projects in Mining and Energy

  • Project sourcing
  • Project design and configuration
  • Joint Venture establishment
  • Securing rights and tenure
  • Selecting “excellent” project development teams
  • (Pre) Feasibility studies
  • Project development programme planning
  • Establishing projects
  • Raising venture investor finance
  • Advising other Project owners and Governments
Risk Management

HB&A has always presented its clients with first class, innovative, accurate, dependable information and outstanding project designs. Of the 8 capital projects it has worked on since 1992, 6 have been successfully developed. It has stood the test of time building relationships at the highest levels in Africa whilst being able to bring the best technology, investors and customers to the project. HB&A develops projects with renowned individuals world wide. We have delivered world class work on 3 continents.



Hugh Brown (CEO) HB&A
Hugh Brown (CEO) HB&A
Hugh Brown (CEO) HB&A